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Kung Fu Panda, singing, "And I'm fucking Michael Jackson!"

Kung Fu Panda is a portly, aggressive, rude, mean giant panda, who is one of the main villains of the film. He was seen, fighting Calvin after he punched Enchanted Princess in the face, making her fall down on the floor. Calvin was shocked to see Enchanted Princess hurt, and got ready to fight Kung Fu Panda in defense of the Princess. While Kung Fu Panda and Calvin were fighting, they made their sticks look like an X. Bad move, because Kung Fu Panda said, "Oh shit!", and was pushed into the air by Calvin's stick. Calvin then kicked him over to the table, defeating him. However, Kung Fu Panda got back up, took out a katana and killed Calvin and the Princess (who turned out to be a transvestite). At the end of the film, after Beowulf sung that he was dating Kung Fu Panda, he was seen, singing, "And I'm dating Michael Jackson!". Kung Fu Panda is a parody of Po from the DreamWorks movie, Kung Fu Panda. He is played by Yoshio lizuka.